Are you one of the few lucky ones that can lay claim to owning one of the most exquisite animals on the planet? If you’re looking to add a truly unique species to your collection, then Ocellated Turkey for sale is for you!

This feathered wonder stands out from the crowd with its extraordinary colors and designs. Its feathers feature a rainbow of hues, from bright blues and greens to earthy browns and blacks. Its body is adorned with large, beautiful blue and green spots, each with a unique pattern. This dazzling display of color and pattern truly makes Ocellated Turkey stand out.

Ocellated Turkey is a hardy species, making it perfect for the novice to experienced poultry keeper. They are easy to feed, requiring only a diet of high quality chicken feed supplemented by fresh vegetables, nuts, and fruits. This flexibility and ease of care make Ocellated Turkey an excellent choice for any poultry keeper.

Ocellated Turkey also has a friendly, calm nature, making them a joy to own. Their inquisitive and social personalities make them the perfect animal for bringing the whole family together. Whether being held for show, or participating in activities with the family, Ocellated Turkey will happily rise to the occasion.

If you’re looking to add a truly unique species to your poultry selection, then Ocellated Turkey for sale is the perfect choice. With its stunning array of colors and patterns, ease of care, and its friendly, docile nature, Ocellated Turkey is sure to be the star of your collection. So don’t wait any longer – add majestic Ocellated Turkey to your flock today!

The Ocellated turkey is a beautiful peacock with a long tail. You can buy ocellated turkey peacocks here. This bird is known for its beauty and grace. It is a very intelligent and social animal. the ocellated turkey peacock is a great addition to any garden. It will look great next to a variety of flowers and trees. You can feed it seeds and vegetables in order to keep it happy and healthy.

The ocellated turkey with the scientific name Meleagris ocellata is a species of turkey residing mainly in Mexico and parts of Belize and Guatemala. A relative of the North American wild turkey, it was sometimes previously considered in a genus of its own (Agriocharis), but the differences between the two turkeys are currently considered too small to warrant generic segregation. It is a relatively large bird, about 28-48 inches long and averaging 3 kg in females and 5 kg in males.

The ocellated turkey was considered endangered by Mexican authorities as recently as 2002 and is considered Near Threatened by the IUCN as of 2009. The species is thought to have declined in response to land use changes and higher than sustainable harvest by migrant workers and subsistence hunters living in the Yucatán Peninsula region of Central America. A study conducted in 2011 indicated that ocellated turkey was an important part of the diet of four major ethnic groups in the Yucatán Peninsula.

Ocellated turkeys spend most of their time on the ground and often prefer to run to escape danger during the day rather than fly, although they can fly quickly and powerfully for short distances, as can most birds of this order when necessary. Roosting is usually high in the trees, away from night-hunting predators such as jaguars, and usually in family groups.

The ocellated turkey is a generalist in terms of feeding habits. It is known to feed on a wide variety of forages, including but not limited to insects, such as beetles, moths, leaf-cutting ants, grass seeds, nuts, and leaves. Feeding rates of male ocellated turkeys were observed to be significantly higher in January, before the breeding season began, than when the breeding season was in full swing. Prior to the breeding season, adult male turkeys were observed in flocks of usually no more than three mature birds, whereas flocks of eight or more birds were composed of yearling turkeys and hens.


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