Are you looking for the perfect addition to your home? Look no further than the Grey Peacock Pheasants! These gorgeous grey birds will transform your backyard oasis into a beautiful paradise.

The Grey Peacock Pheasants are one of the most majestic and graceful creatures found in nature. When you purchase a pair of these lovely birds for your backyard, you will notice their unique grayish plumage and magnificent train of feathers they hold on their back. Their mesmerizing beauty won’t just attract your attention, but also the attention of the birds around them.

Not only are these birds visually stunning, but they also make great companions for any family. They are very social creatures that love to interact with people, making them the perfect pet for any household. They are also quite intelligent, capable of learning tricks and responding to their owners’ commands.

These birds are also incredibly hardy and resilient. They are relatively easy to take care of and can survive in a wide range of temperatures. They are also strong and resistant to most diseases, making them a safe choice for your backyard.

When it comes to the Grey Peacock Pheasants, you will not find a more perfect addition to your home. From their stunning appearance to their intelligence and hardiness, these birds are sure to meet all of your expectations. With a pair of these graceful creatures in your backyard, you will turn your home into a paradise.

The Grey Peacock Pheasant is also known as the Chinquis or the Burmese Peacock Pheasant native to Southeast Asia and is the national bird of Myanmar.

The gray peacock pheasant is a large pheasant, with an average size of about 30 inches. Males are grayish birds with blue-green iridescent ocelli (eye spots) on their wings and tail feathers. Females are much smaller and less brightly colored than males. Peacock grey pheasants can be tamed and are generally not hostile to each other. Hens lay two eggs per clutch and will continue to lay more clutches if the eggs are collected. Hens are good mothers and can incubate their own eggs.

These pheasants do not require very large aviaries. These are tropical birds and they require shelter and heat during colder months. They also require access to shade during the summer months. They will eat a layer feed, fruits, and greens. They will also eat live food such as mealworms.


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