With its blue-silver coat and sparkling green eyes, the nebelung has a singular appearance. It appeals to many cat lovers. However, breeding is still in its infancy. For cat lovers outside of the United States, it can be difficult to adopt a true nebelung cat.

The elegant nebelung captivates with its harmonious and muscular physique. It weighs between four and seven kilograms, although males tend to be a little heavier. Thus, the breed falls into the category of medium-sized cats. Its tail is long and bushy, its ears are relatively large. The breed standard is based on the description of the Russian blue cat. But the particularity of the nebelung is its mid-long “blue” coat. It is a purely genetic diluted black. A silver concentration on the tips of the hair gives the impression that a silver glow emanates from the coat.

The eye color varies from yellowish green to intense green. According to the standard, the nebelung must not have coat markings such as spots or stripes. However, the coat can only be assessed from the age of two years. This is because a nebelung kitten may have a slight “ghost” pattern that fades over time.

A nebelung may seem mysterious and mystical. But in reality, these elegant cats are rather down to earth: they like to be petted and played with. However, they don’t need to be very active, as they enjoy quiet and familiar routines. As for the nebelung kitten, it is, like all the others, of a very playful and enthusiastic nature. At the beginning, the sweet nebelung remains on the reserve in front of strangers. But with a little patience you will discover its charming nature.

The nebelung is also suitable as a house cat, especially since it could easily be defeated in conflicts with other cats outside. But also, calm cats need social contact and diversity. Therefore, it is best to let him roam only in a secure garden or on a secure balcony. In the best case, you can even adopt a second nebelung. Also, the presence of a human is important for this sensitive cat. Since it tends to bond closely with one person, it is ideal for a one-person household. If there are children, it is important that the cat has a place of refuge where it should not be disturbed.


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