The Egyptian Mau is a particularly elegant medium-sized cat with a harmonious body. Together with the Abyssinian, it is one of the oldest breeds. The Egyptian Mau lived already in ancient Egypt where he was considered a god. Today, it is a very affectionate domestic cat, calm, even if it loves to play, and very intelligent. The Egyptian Mau is the ideal pet.

The Egyptian Mau is a particularly elegant cat with a slender and muscular body. Its head is slightly rounded and has a strong chin. The Egyptian Mau has a particular mark on its forehead in the shape of an “M”, or scarab, which stretches in lines on its neck and back to the tip of its tail. Its cheeks, chest and legs are also covered with fine dark stripes.

The large eyes of the Egyptian Mau are characteristic by their almond shape and their almost always light green color. Its silky coat is recognizable by the presence of spots darker than its base coat, typical of this breed. The most common color of the Egyptian Mau is silver with black patterns. Its tail is long and covered with rings, also of dark color, spaced between them.

The Egyptian Mau has a real adoration for his master and is very affectionate towards him. He is a little bit wilder with people he doesn’t know. The Egyptian Mau is a domestic cat par excellence. If he is independent, he particularly appreciates the calm, the comfort of his home and specially to live with his family. The Egyptian Mau is also an extremely sensitive cat that can’t stand stress and solitude. As a good hunter, the Egyptian Mau is also a lively and very agile cat that likes to play a lot. That’s why he gets along very well with children. The Egyptian Mau has the particularity to appreciate water.


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