The Van Turk is sometimes confused with the Turkish Angora. It has nothing to do with the latter. Still rare in Europe, this cat from Turkey is an adorable feline, sometimes quite imposing, for families. He has a strong character, independent, but appreciates the company of his master. Moreover, he can rarely do without it. It is a cat that loves water more than anything else, which is one of its particularities. Its health is robust and its food does not require any specificity.

The Van Turk is an ancient breed of cat, which is also called the Noah’s Ark cat because it originated on the side of Mount Ararat (Turkey), where the ark was stranded. An origin which also transports it on the banks of the lake of Van. We find this feline on jewels of the Antiquity, proof of its presence thousands of years ago.

Their discovery is however quite recent. We owe it to the journalist Laura Lushington and the photographer Sonia Halliday, 2 British women who, in 1955, imported it in Europe. Their rather singular and exceptional character was very appreciated, until then, by the Turks who owned them.


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