A lot of character can be found in the Senegal chameleon. They look great, but also have a sweet and shy temperament that we absolutely love. There are some things that you need to be aware of before you decide to own a pet. These lizards need a lot of care because they are very sensitive.

The shyness and sweet nature of the Senegal chameleons make them well-suited for a very carefully monitored environment. These types of chameleons are very delicate and prone to stress related issues. People with advanced reptile experience should not attempt to own any of the chameleons.

Senegal chameleon Appearance and lifespan

The flashy colors that some reptile enthusiasts look for in a chameleon are not present in the Senegalese one. You will appreciate the subtle color variations that the adorable chameleons will display while they go about their daily business if you love them and have an eye for it. The base color of the Senegal chameleon is a light brown, but it can display subtle color changes depending on the mood and situation.

The lifespan of a chameleon in captivity is between five and seven years. The lifespan of delicate reptiles will suffer if their basic needs aren’t met, so this is assuming great care and a healthy diet.

Senegal Chameleon Care

It is easy for anyone with an advanced knowledge of reptile care to take care of the Senegalese chameleon. These lizards are shy and fragile, but they can be rewarding and lovely pets. A consistent source of water, a heat gradient, specialized lighting, and plenty of enclosure enhancements are all required for the enclosure that you create. You will need to have an understanding of the behavior of the Senegalese chameleons. If you plan to own more than one chameleon, this is very important.


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