The ruby red bearded dragon is a gorgeous lizard with a vibrant and unique coloration. The scales of this saucy little creature are a deep, vibrant red with an almost orangey-pink hue. Its vibrant coloring is rounded out with a deep brown or black outlining the red scales. In between those scales is a pale, almost yellowish-cream color.

This mesmerizing creature has a neat little build, with an average length of 18 to 20 inches and a body weight of 2 to 3 pounds. It has a robust body with a large head and two small eyes situated on either side. It has a set of very sharp razor-like teeth perfect for snacking on insects, as their diet typically consists of crickets, silkworms, and other small invertebrates.

A major trait of the ruby red bearded dragon is its namesake: the beard. Its beard is named for the way it appears when the dragon puffs out its throat in an attempt to make itself look larger, a common action of bearded dragons. When it does this, you’ll notice the spines along its jawline rising to full attention. It also has spines running down the sides of its throat to its mid-back.

This is a very social lizard and is known to be very responsive to human interaction. Creating an environment where it feels secure will allow your pet to really excel and become a wonderful companion. You can ensure your dragon feels comfortable by building it a habitat that simulates its natural environment. This may include adding artificial plants, a water dish, some heat, and a substrate to bury and hide in.

The ruby red bearded dragon is a beautiful and endearing creature that is sure to bring you joy on a daily basis with its unique coloration and friendly personality. With its intricate diet and need for a particular environment, it is recommended that only those with prior experience in caring for these creatures own one. But with the right care and attention, this lizard will make a great addition to your family.


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