The red factor sun conure is a beautiful bird that is sure to bring a spark of color and life to your home. This medium sized parrot is native to South America but is also bred in captivity to meet the demand for these charming birds.

From a distance, a red factor sun conure can be identified by its unique coloration. Its plumage is a stunning mix of shades of red and orange with some yellow and green, making it truly stand out in any aviary or home. This dramatic combination of colors have earned this species their name, the red factor sun conure.

The red factor sun conure is a moderately sized bird with a wingspan of around 20 inches and a body length of 11 to 13 inches when fully grown. Their tail is nearly as long as their body and their overall weight ranges from 150 to 175 grams.

These parrots are known for their intelligence and their extraordinary ability to mimic human speech. They can also be taught to perform various tricks and can easily bond with their human companions. The red factor sun conure is also a very sociable species, especially when kept in small groups of their kind.

The red factor sun conure is an excellent choice for the beginning bird enthusiast. Although they require a bit more care and attention than some of their larger cousins, they are generally easy to tame and adjust to new home environments. Be sure to provide plenty of space, toys, and perches. And keep in mind, these birds require an ample diet of fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes as well as a variety of quality foods specifically tailored to their needs.

The red factor sun conure is a unique, exotic, and captivating bird that is sure to bring a splash of color and fun to any home. With proper care, these birds will remain active and cheerful for many years, making them an excellent pet for any avian enthusiast.


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