pygmy chameleon as pet

You have to see to believe that Pygmy chameleons are an adorable pet reptile. These tiny creatures are just as cute as they get. There are a lot of people interested in owning a reptile. They are low-maintenance, but still.

Pygmy chameleons are well-liked by reptile devotees because of their easy-going nature. Intermediate reptile owners would be better suited to this particular type of chameleon. There are different types of pygmy chameleons, and they each have their own physical characteristics. Their natural habitat of the forests and woodlands of East Africa is what brings them together.

Pygmy chameleons possess their own unique charm even though they are not as colorful as some other species. A light brown to gray color is what the basic body color of the pygmy chameleon is. You can see stripes in brown, green or even a light red when you look at the type of pygmy chameleon. During the courting period, these colors will become more vivid.

take Care of Pygmy Chameleon

Pygmy chameleons are generally low-maintenance and are not very challenging to care for. You need to have some level of reptile knowledge in order to do that.

A proper setup with appropriate enclosure enhancements, a knowledge of diet and feeding schedules, and a basic understanding of potential health issues are some of the things you need to give your pygmy chameleon the best care.

pygmy chameleon feeding

Small crickets, fruit flies, and baby silkworms are some of the live insects that should be given to your pygmy chameleon. Treat Pygmy chameleons to a house fly snack once in a while and they will love it. It is recommended that all food be gut loaded with healthy items like carrots or broccoli.


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