The Plum Headed Parakeet is a rare and beautiful bird that is sure to add a splash of vibrant colors to your home or aviary. This playful and delightful parakeet stands out with its distinctive plum-colored head and vibrant green body. The plum headed parakeet is a popular pet for novice and experienced bird owners alike.

At only 11 to 12 inches in length, these parakeets are the perfect size for any home or aviary. They are incredibly active, loving to chatter and play with their owners. Their social and curious nature make them particularly entertaining to watch as they flutter and fly around the cage.

Because they are so active and require a great deal of socialization, it is important that you invest in an adequately sized cage and access to a large play area. Plum headed parakeets require regular stimulation, so toys, ladders, and small swings are ideal additions to their cage. This helps to ensure that the bird remains happy and healthy.

This beautiful bird is fairly easy to care for, and with the right training, can even mimic other birds’ and peoples’ voices. They have a very distinct call, and with the right care from you, they can learn to talk. They may also respond to music, so playing a variety of tunes for them could provide them with exciting stimulation.

For these reasons, the Plum Headed Parakeet is the perfect companion for any home. With plenty of socializing and stimulation, they will thrive in their new home and bring you years of joy.


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