When you first meet an Ocicat, you are immediately charmed by this exotic looking cat. It is because of its polka-dot coat that it was named Ocicat, in reference to the ocelot, a wild cat. By nature, the ocelot cat is actually not so wild, but extremely cuddly and loyal, making it a very popular pet cat.

The Ocicat needs exercise, space and movement, and will happily accept any other form of occupation. For example, you can give him clicker training. Be inspired by the range of clicker accessories available! You can also find something to keep your cat occupied with a wide range of cat toys.

If you have a lively household, the Ocicat is the cat for you. He loves to be around a large family, children, and possibly other cats. He even tolerates dogs.

No matter what activities you choose, the important thing is that you give your Ocicat plenty of attention, also in the form of lots of petting.

Otherwise, the Ocicat does not require much care. It is enough to brush its short fur from time to time to remove dead hairs. Brushing also has the added benefit of strengthening the bond between you.

The Ocicat is naturally healthy. There are no known diseases specific to the breed. Of course, like all other breeds, they can get sick. However, if you keep in mind regular vaccinations and preventive visits to the veterinarian, and feed your cat high quality food, all the conditions are met for your cat to stay healthy.


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