This Modena pigeon for sale is a stunning bird of the Columbidae family. It is known for its distinct plumage and colouring. The Modena pigeon has a body that is pearl white in colour with bronze-ish grey wings which are adorned with bright and beautiful black stripes. The top of its head is rose-red and it has a white tail-feathers. Its eyes are black, and it has a long beak.

The Modena pigeon is a calm and gentle bird which can be easily tamed and trained. It is an intelligent creature that loves to be around people and can be quite interactive with its owner. With its unique colouring and features, it is an eye-catching bird in any setting.

These birds are social creatures and do well when kept in pairs or groups. They are also good at playing with toys, learning tricks, and can adapt their behaviour and movements accordingly. They are also excellent foragers and have a good sense of direction.

The Modena pigeon is an adaptable bird, which needs regular exercise and enrichment activities. It needs an environment where it can roam freely and be able to access food and water. It should also have plenty of toys and perching spots to keep them entertained.

This is a gentle and hardy breed that is an ideal pet for those who want a unique pet. Its attractive appearance and playful nature make it an excellent addition to any home. If you are looking for a beautiful bird to add to your aviary, the Modena Pigeon is a great choice.


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