This delightful Lineolated Parakeet is an ideal pet bird for any home. This small parrot, also known as the Barred Parakeet, is popular among pet owners due its sociable, gentle and quiet temperament. Its small size and chirpy nature makes it an excellent companion and great cuddle buddy.

The Lineolated Parakeet boasts a striking set of colors and has a very distinctive look. Its back is overwhelmingly charcoal with an olive green tint, while its wings and chest are a striking yellow that offers a beautiful contrast to its darker colors. Its head is mostly black with a bright orange stripe. It also has small patches of white and blue feathers that accent its colors and provide a unique look.

The Lineolated Parakeet is a great talker and has the potential to mimic many phrases and sounds. With patience and lots of training, these parrots could learn to whistle and mimic your voice. They thrive best in settings that are peaceful and quiet, providing an ideal environment for learning and bonding.

This Lineolated Parakeet loves to fly and loves to explore. It’s important to give it plenty of space and height to fly around and explore its environment. While they don’t need as much space and freedom as larger parrots, they still enjoy some time outside of the cage.

This special Lineolated Parakeet is a great addition to any home and is sure to bring lots of joy and laughter. If you’re looking for a small and peaceful parrot that loves to be social, then this parakeet is perfect for you. With lots of training and patience, you can create a strong bond and be rewarded with beautiful singing and mimicking. This parakeet will prove to be a loyal companion and loving friend for many years to come.


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