One of the smallest turtles that can be kept as a pet is the Spotted Turtle. There are multiple regions of the eastern and Midwestern United States and southern regions of Canada where they are found.

spotted turtles are popular as a pet as they are attractive and can live outdoors. The decision to take on a person shouldn’t be taken lightly. They need a lot of care to live a long life. Some have reached over 50 years of age.

Spotted Turtle Behavior

The Spotted Turtle is a semi-aquatic turtle species that have small in size. It does not mean that they are easy to care for. The housing and needs of aquatic turtles are similar to those of other turtles.

The yellow-spotted markings on the upper part of the shell of this species are very distinctive. These are small in number in juveniles and can grow to over 100 spots in mature adults. The spots are also visible on the neck and face.

Similar to the Common Musk Turtle, this is a very small species, and they are usually only between four and six inches in size when fully mature.

It is easier to determine the gender of your turtle as it matures. The male has a black chin while the female has a red one. The tail of the males is longer. They are a semi-aquatic species but are not known for their swimming skills.

As with most aquatic turtles, spotted turtles can become stressed by over-handling and can be a curious, alert, and active species. They are best observed without being interfered with.

If handling is necessary, this should be kept to a minimum, and you should always wash your hands after handling. There is a small chance that aquatic turtles have the same strain of salmonella as humans.

What to Feed Your Spotted Turtle

Some of the spotted turtles will also eat fruit and vegetables. Turtles, minnows, shrimp, worms, snails, and crickets should make up the majority of their diet. If your turtle likes leafy greens like dandelion and collards, they are a great option to add to their diet.

They can eat some aquatic plants and apples. Some cabbages can bother the turtle’s stomach and should be avoided.

 Spotted Turtle care

Keeping a clean tank is the most important thing you can do to keep your turtles healthy. Turtles can suffer from infections and parasites if their tank isn’t kept clean, but they are generally healthy and hardy.

The temperature and lighting are important factors for turtle health. There needs to be enough UVB lighting for the health of the bones and shells. The temperature levels in the water and the air of the spotted turtle’s tank need to be correct.


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