The Hypo Zero Bearded Dragon is an impressive, unique species of reptile, perfect for any exotic pet enthusiast. It is a rare morph of the classic Bearded Dragon, and it has a distinct and beautiful pattern of colors which make it a stand out creature in any terrarium.

The Hypo Zero Bearded Dragon is most easily identified by its lack of black patterning, and its distinguished honey-coloured body. Its scales are a mix of white, yellow and creamy colors, with some subtle grey and greenish hues. Its spines are a sparkling yellow gold. This dragon has a calm, gentle demeanor, and can even recognize its owners with a little training.

The Hypo Zero Bearded Dragon is a great choice for novice reptile owners, as it has a relatively simple care routine. This species prefers warmer habitats than other Bearded Dragons, so it is important to provide a source of heat such as a basking rock. A balanced diet of crickets, mealworms, and vegetables is also necessary. Regular misting of this dragon’s habitat is important to ensure proper hydration, as is regular cage cleaning and substrate replacement.

For those looking to add a unique, eye-catching reptile to their terrarium, the Hypo Zero Bearded Dragon is an excellent choice. This species is a perfect addition to any exotically themed terrarium, due to its distinct coloration and gentle temperment. They are also social creatures, and interact with and recognize their owners if given the chance.

Overall, the Hypo Zero Bearded Dragon is an amazing species of reptile and with the proper care, can make an ideal pet. With its unique coloration and gentle demeanor, it is sure to be a standout creature in any terrarium.


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