The four-horned chameleon is not as colorful as other types of chams, but is still attractive looking. The male of the species has between one and six horns in captivity as well as a large sail fin, which is best described as multi-colored. The female does not have the large sailfin and crest that the male does.

The breed is not considered a starter species and is best left to those who have owned other types of chameleons before. If you have a very large enclosure, they can be kept as a pair. Unlike a lot of lizards, they need a cool temperature to stay healthy and happy, and humidity levels of at least 50%.

There is a four-horned chameleon from Africa. The country is in the middle of the equator and bordered by Nigeria call Cameroon. It comes from the Mounto Lef region and loves the humid and cool weather. The native rainforest receives up to 400 inches of rain in a single year, showing how much this breed of sail-fin chameleon enjoys a humid environment.

The four-horned chameleon enjoys cooler temperatures than many other reptiles. Rather than trying to heat its enclosure, you are more likely to try and find ways to cool it down. A failure to provide a constant level of humidity can cause dehydration that can lead to serious illnesses, such as kidneys failure and other serious illnesses.


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