There are a lot of people who don’t know that carpets chameleons are interesting-looking pet reptiles. These creatures are very fun to own, and only require an intermediate level of knowledge to be kept successfully. we have a carpet chameleon for sale in our store. Their colors and patterns are beautiful to look at, and you will never get tired of watching them.

The carpet chameleon is native to the jungles of Madagascar. The jeweled chameleon is often referred to as this one.

The intricately colored chameleon can be prone to stress. We recommend that only those with intermediate to advanced knowledge of reptile care attempt to care for this type of chameleon.

carpet chameleon appearance

Carpets are prized for their stunning color. Their name comes from their resemblance to an intricately woven Oriental carpet.

There is a vivid, almost lime-green color to the carpets of the males. Females are a riot of colors, with patterns of green, white, yellow, orange, and even red. There is a striped pattern on the throats of both males and females

The chameleons do not change their color to match their surroundings, contrary to what you may have heard. Color changing, which can take place right before your eyes, is dependent on the mood of the chameleon or the environment in which it is located.

the lifespan of a chameleon carpet

The lifespan of a carpet chameleon is between three and five years. You need luck and genetics for that to happen, even with great care, but some can live longer than that.

Some people don’t like carpet chameleons because their lifespan isn’t as long as some other popular pet reptiles. Carpets that are born in captivity can live a long and happy life if they have a good setup, regular vet visits, and good care.

take care of Carpet Chameleon

It’s a good fit for owners with an intermediate to advanced level of expertise. While they are not the most difficult to care for, there are some specific hurdles you will need to navigate.

They are going to need a very specific setup, lots of patience, and the ability to just be themselves because they are very nervous, shy, and easily stressed.

Good working knowledge of their heat and lighting requirements as well as their diet is very important for the long-term happiness and health of your carpet chameleon.

chameleon carpet diet

Don’t be fooled by the small size and cute appearance of your carpet chameleon. This reptile has a good appetite and is efficient as a hunter.

Fruit flies, house flies, crickets, and bean beetles are some of the items you should feed your chameleon. They can be given mealworms, super worms, and a variety of roaches. It’s best to feed your chameleon six to seven days a week, but you should always dust the prey with calcium and vitamins.

You mustn’t give your carpet chameleon insects straight from the supply store. This is because store-bought prey is not gut loaded.

Gut loading is the process of getting the prey to be rich in vitamins and minerals. By gut-loading the prey a few days before feeding time, you will be able to provide your chameleon with plenty of good nutrition.

If you get stuck in the bowl, tongues can be used. This can cause permanent damage to the tongue in the worst-case scenario. Your pet may never be able to eat properly.

chameleon carpet behavior

There is a lot of space within the enclosure where the carpet chameleons can hide and feel safe. Don’t handle these animals too much because it can cause unnecessary stress.

Male carpet chameleons are very territorial and do not like to be in an environment with other males. It’s highly recommended that you keep males in separate enclosures.


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