Welcome to your cool exotic pets for all of your exotic pet needs! Today, we’re offering a brown anole for sale that is sure to make a great addition to your home.

The brown anole is a delightful creature, featuring a unique olive-brown coloration, as well as a rust-red throat patch, that will provide a beautiful statement piece to any home. It is easy to handle and feed, making it an ideal pet for beginners. The brown anole is a very hardy creature that has a long lifespan, often reaching six to seven years old.

This species has become increasingly popular due to its ease of care and its unique appearance. It has the ability to change its color, from a light brown to a dark brown, depending on the temperature and humidity of its environment. With its distinctively long toes, it is capable of clinging to various surfaces and is an entertaining pet to watch.

The brown anole will require a variety of different terrariums, including two levels, one for the ground and one for climbing. The level for climbing should have a few large branches and/ or climbable structures to provide the anole with a way to explore. The anole will require a high-humidity environment, so make sure to mist the enclosure multiple times a day. This species also requires a basking light in order to regulate its body temperature, as well as an appropriately sized water dish.

Aside from its many unique features, it can also provide amusement to its owners. As you watch your brown anole you may be able to observe interesting behaviors such as territorial displays, mating rituals, and even tail wagging. This species also has a vocalization, with a variety of chirps, clicks, squeaks, and whistles.

If you’re looking for an ideal pet to bring some color and joy to your home, the brown anole is a perfect choice! With its long lifespan, ease of care, and unique characteristics, this is one pet you won’t want to miss out on. Get your brown anole for sale today to begin your journey into exotic pet ownership!


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