The Brazilian black tarantula is a giant, hairy, spider that is endemic to Brazil and is found in the Atlantic Forest. This spider is quite popular for its size. The Brazilian black tarantula can be found in the wild and sold as pets. It is also sold in the pet trade as food.

These spiders are large and have large legs with long, sharp claws. Their bite is painful and can leave you feeling sick for a few days.  These spiders are very docile but can bite people if they think they are being threatened. You can buy these spiders online in our shop. This will make you feel more comfortable in handling them and keep you safe. These spiders are popular among biologists for their diet. The eggs of Brazilian black tarantula are usually sold as pets. People may also sell spider meat as food.

Brazilian black tarantulas are calm and docile. These spiders are slow movers and very rarely show signs of aggression. This makes Brazilian black tarantulas good pets for handling.

Although rare, a Brazilian black tarantula will defend itself by flicking the urticating hairs off its body. This spider is venomous, but the venom isn’t potent.

You shouldn’t house two Brazilian black tarantulas together. These spiders are cannibalistic and likely to eat one another if housed in the same small enclosure.

Why Choose Our Brazilian Black Tarantula?

  1. Striking Jet-Black Beauty: The Brazilian Black Tarantula, scientifically known as Grammostola pulchra, boasts a deep, velvety black color that is unparalleled in the tarantula world. Its striking monochrome appearance adds an air of mystery and elegance, making it a favorite among tarantula enthusiasts. Witness the beauty of nature’s artistry up close with this captivating creature.
  2. Gentle and Docile Temperament: Known for their calm and docile nature, Brazilian Black Tarantulas are suitable for tarantula enthusiasts of all levels. Their gentle disposition makes them a wonderful choice for handling, allowing enthusiasts to interact with these fascinating creatures confidently. Experience the joy of observing their serene behavior in your own space.
  3. Low-Maintenance Elegance: Worried about complicated care routines? Worry not! The Brazilian Black Tarantula is surprisingly low-maintenance, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced hobbyists. Enjoy the beauty of nature with minimal care requirements, allowing you to focus on the marvel of this captivating species.
  4. Ethical and Responsible Ownership: We prioritize ethical practices and responsible pet ownership. Our Brazilian Black Tarantulas are sourced from reputable breeders, ensuring their well-being and health. By choosing our tarantulas, you support ethical pet trade practices and contribute to the welfare of these extraordinary creatures.
  5. Perfect Collector’s Item: For enthusiasts and collectors, the Brazilian Black Tarantula is a coveted item. Its rarity, combined with its stunning appearance, makes it a prized addition to any tarantula collection. Showcase the elegance of the wild in your curated assortment of exotic pets.


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