I have a stunning blue eyed cockatoo for sale. He is a beautiful bird with vibrant blue feathers, an elegant white crest, and an amazing blue eye ring. He is an incredibly loving and attentive bird and is sure to bring joy to anyone who takes him home.

This blue eyed cockatoo is very social and loves to interact with people. He loves to play and will entertain you with his antics. He can be a very affectionate bird and enjoys cuddling and spending time with his human companions. He will also sit on your shoulder and take long naps with you, allowing you to bond with him in a unique way.

This blue eyed cockatoo is very intelligent and can learn tricks quickly. He loves to show off for his family and will charm you with his clever antics. He is a good talker and loves to communicate with his human family. With patience and dedication, you can successfully teach him to do many fun tricks such as singing, mimicking words, and more.

The blue eyed cockatoo is a very easy bird to take care of and he needs minimal attention. He has a large cage with plenty of room to move around. He should be fed a healthy and varied diet, with plenty of fruits, grains, and vegetables. He also loves to take baths and should be provided with a daily freshwater supply.

This blue eyed cockatoo is an amazing pet and is sure to bring joy to anyone who takes him home. He is an incredibly loving, intelligent, and loyal bird who will give you unconditional love. He is a beautiful bird who is sure to make a great companion.


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