The black capped conure is a beautiful, playful and social bird native to South America. It is medium in size with a slender body, measuring 12 inches long and sporting a long, rather sharp beak. Its most striking feature is its bright green body with a turquoise stripe along the length of its wings and an all-black head.

The black capped conure is an extremely active and interactive bird, perfect for experienced bird owners looking for a rambunctious companion. It is known for its intelligence and curiosity, often entertaining itself for hours on end with its own clever antics. While some may be timid with new people, many of these birds, when socialized properly, can develop strong relations with human owners and can be quite affectionate.

These birds are not only fun to own, but they are also beautiful to look at. The brilliant green of the body is complemented by a black circle around each eye and a splash of yellow on the underside of its tail feathers. The black cap on its head frames their beautiful faces like a halo, making them even more attractive.

The black capped conure is a social bird, so it will do best in a home with another bird or two or with a human family that can provide plenty of attention and stimulation. They are known to be vocal, but they are not as loud as some of their larger parrot cousins. With proper training they can even learn to talk, although they will never be as proficient as some of the larger parrot species.

The black capped conure is an excellent pet bird and is sure to bring years of joy to its new owner. With proper care and attention, these birds can live up to 20 years and make wonderful companions. Because of their intelligence and social nature, they thrive in homes that provide them with plenty of attention and stimulation.


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