The Altum Angelfish is a rare and exquisite fish that will add a spectacular touch to any aquarium. With its striking black and silver striped pattern, this fish is sure to be the centerpiece of any aquascape. The Altum Angelfish is an omnivore, and will feed on a variety of foods, including algae, plants, worms, and insects. The Altum Angelfish is a hardy fish that is known for its longevity and easy care requirements.

The Altum Angelfish is perfect for an experienced aquarist. This fish requires a larger tank of at least 40 gallons, with plenty of swimming room. The tank should also have plenty of caves and driftwood for the fish to hide and explore in. The Altum Angelfish requires a pH of 6.5-7.5, an alkalinity of 125-150ppm, and a temperature range of 75-79° F.

The Altum Angelfish is a peaceful fish that can be kept in a community of other compatible fish. Make sure to provide plenty of hiding places to give all the fish in the tank a safe area to retreat to. The Altum Angelfish may display some territorial aggression towards smaller fish, so it is best to house them with larger, fast-moving fish such as Danios or Tetras.

For the aquarist that is looking for an eye-catching and long-lasting fish, the Altum Angelfish is an ideal choice. This fish is sure to bring beauty and elegance to any tank with its striking black and silver pattern. The Altum Angelfish is an easy-to-care-for species that many aquarists are sure to love.

With the correct tank conditions, proper diet, and compatible tank mates, the Altum Angelfish can be a happy and healthy addition to any aquarium. Be sure to research the fish’s care requirements before purchasing to make sure you can give it the care it needs. So if you are looking for a unique and spectacular fish, consider the Altum Angelfish for sale.


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