Are you looking for a unique addition to your aviary or home? Look no further than the African Green Pigeon! The African Green Pigeon is one of the most visually striking and endearing birds you’ll ever lay eyes on. Not only do these birds possess a stunning beauty from their rich green and yellow plumage, but they are also confident and friendly birds that can be enjoyed and appreciated by all.

This hardy bird species is native to parts of eastern and southern Africa, so it is perfect for outdoor aviaries or gardens in warmer climates. They are relatively large birds that reach up to 16 inches long and can weigh up to 10 ounces. This makes them one of the most impressive pigeons that you can add to your aviary.

One of the best things about the African Green Pigeon is their ability to quickly adjust to captive living. They will become very confident and friendly around their owners and even enjoy interacting with them. In addition, these birds are also relatively easy to care for, so they are suitable for both seasoned and novice bird owners alike.

The African Green Pigeon is a social bird that likes to stay in large flocks or groups. This makes it important to keep them in pairs or groups so that they can be kept happy and entertained. They are also voracious eaters and will need to be fed a balanced diet of seeds, vegetables, and fruits.

The African Green Pigeon is truly one of the most endearing and beautiful birds you can add to your aviary. With its stunning plumage and friendly demeanor, this bird will be an asset to any home or aviary. Not only will you love its captivating appearance and sweet personality, but it’s also relatively easy to care for. Overall, the African Green Pigeon is truly a unique and stunning avian addition to any home.


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