where can i buy a frog?

Buying a frog is relatively simple process, and there are many options to suit every need. You can purchase a frog from a pet store. There are many local pet stores in many areas that offer frogs for sale. You can also buy a frog online. Another option is to purchase a frog from a breeder. Finally, you can also look for frogs at reptile shows and expos.

how much do frogs cost?

You can purchase a frog for anywhere from $5 to $50, depending on the type of frog, the age of the frog, and the availability of the animal. The most common frogs kept as pets are tree and bullfrogs, which cost between $20 and $40 each. However, rare species, such as the African clawed frog, can cost $100. In addition to the frog itself, one should factor in other costs, such as housing, food, and supplies.