Are you looking to make your home more attractive? Do you want to add something special and unique to your life? If so, a Colorado River Toad for sale is the appropriate choice for you! The Colorado River Toad is a fascinating amphibian species native to the south-western United States. Its presence in your home could make for a truly interesting experience.

The Colorado River Toad is a fascinating creature with unique characteristics. For instance, it has a distinctively round and flat body, usually brown or grey in color. It has dark, pox-like markings on its back. It is also the largest toad in North America, reaching 07 inches long. Moreover, this toad is also known for its long life span, living up to 25 years.

Another significant benefit of owning a Colorado River Toad is educational opportunities. As the largest toad species in North America, keeping this toad can give you and your family an opportunity to learn more about amphibians’ fascinating lives and adaptations. Furthermore, if you keep this toad in an outdoor pond or enclosure, it also provides you with the chance to observe its behavior and lifecycle in its natural environment.

Overall, the Colorado River Toad is a fascinating creature, and owning one can provide an exciting and educational experience. So, if you are looking to bring something unique and fascinating into your home, a Colorado River Toad for sale could be the right choice for you. With its distinct vocalizations and delicious bug appetite, this toad could be the right addition to your home!

Buy colorado river toads as pet

If you live in the United States, you can keep Colorado river toads in your home as pets. These amphibians can be found in many different areas across the US. They can be purchased from this online store. Another good thing to know about Colorado river toads is that they like to eat and drink. Make sure that you keep their feeders filled up with water.

Several types of toads can be used as pet toads. The Colorado river frog is among the easiest to maintain, making it one of the best toads to buy for your terrarium. You can place your order online here or write to us to speak to a representative.

The Colorado river toads for sale from us have been selected through our certified breeding program. This certification process allows us to offer our customers the healthiest captive-bred Colorado river toads at the lowest possible price available on the market. We ensure that the Colorado river toads selected from various breeders and individuals meet the standards of those present in our facilities.

In addition to the fact that we offer a wide quantity of Colorado river toads, you should know that cool exotic pet’s certified breeding partnership ensures that the toads come from people who have the same approach to animal care and breeding as we do. That they are free of disease and, most importantly, they are raised in captivity according to the regulations in force because we put a bridge of honor on the rights of animals.

Shipping Colorado river toad

Safe and prompt shipping is our number one priority. We make every effort to ensure your Colorado river toad arrives healthy and is guaranteed to arrive alive. We have shipped thousands of Colorado river toads across the United States and around the world.
Our Colorado river toad is double-packed in thermally insulated boxes. Our boxes are labeled “Fragile” as well as “Live Animals” to inform postal workers that animals should be handled with consideration.
We have shipped thousands of Colorado river toads, and we are extremely familiar with the procedure. You can be assured that Colorado river toads will be transported safely and professionally.
We offer a 100% live arrival guarantee on all toads we sell in stock. Our guarantee is not valid beyond the delivery date as we cannot handle the conditions of your aquarium or garden.
Frog orders placed Monday through Thursday before 1:00 pm are shipped the same day via FedEx. Live animal orders placed after 1:00 pm are shipped the next day. Orders placed between Friday and Sunday are shipped the following Monday.

It is normal for your toad to feel a little nervous after receiving it, but this is only temporary, and the toad will begin to explore its new environment in minimal time.
Be sure to turn off the lights in the aquarium for at least the first 24 hours to allow the animal to adjust to its new environment after being kept in a dark cage, and make sure that the aquarium filter flow is not too intense for aquatic toads.
Frogs are extremely resilient animals when shipped. Even if they are delayed, well cared for toads like ours will still be alive and well.
feeding the toad upon arrival
If you are the first to receive your pet, it is recommended that you feed lighter, more digestible foods to allow the digestive system to resume its normal functions. Insects and small lizards are among the most popular foods for delivered toads.
It is unusual for the toad to be so exhausted that it refuses to eat. However, if this happens, alternative foods can be provided to your toad. For example, chopped nocturnal, pellets, or even chopped nocturnal.
Do not give the animal more than it can eat and do not leave unfinished food in its tank or container.


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